Kentucky State Traffic School/Court Order Program

All Kentucky State Traffic School and Court Ordered participants must contact Kentucky Safe Driver Office at 502-699-2295 or email [email protected] regarding class information and enrollment.

This four-hour course is certified by the National Safety Council.

Classes are conducted at various times and locations throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

When drivers miss their scheduled Traffic School course, their license becomes suspended. This does not apply to those that have been referred by any other state than Kentucky.

The cost for all Out-of-State Court Order participants is $110.00 and must be paid at the time of enrollment to Kentucky Safe Driver.


  1. A Zoom account is required for participation in the course.  
  2. Access to a device with internet and a webcam. (Devices include a laptop with a webcam, tablet, or smartphone). 
  3. Participants must also maintain a solid internet connection throughout the course. 
  4. You cannot be in a vehicle at any time. 
  5. Your video must be on throughout the entire class, and you must be present/engaged. The video must be on your whole face, and your face must be no more than two feet away from the video. 
  6. You cannot turn your video off or leave the screen except for breaks. 
  7. You must be in a quiet room with no distractions. Lights must be on in the room. 
  8. You must be sitting in an upright position, not lying down. You must be sitting at a desk or table.  
  9. No background noises or distractions are allowed. 
  10. No other people can be in the room with you, i.e., friends, siblings, parents, etc. 
  11. Appropriate classroom behavior is expected. No profanity, inappropriate, offensive, or threatening language or gestures, misrepresentation of identity or disruptive behavior by any participant during the session will be tolerated. Disruptive participants will be removed from class and marked as failed.  
  12. Appropriate dress attire is required.  
  13. No smoking, vaping or drinking alcoholic beverages allowed. 
  14. The instructor, along with other personnel, will be monitoring the class.   

You will be removed from the class if any of these protocols are not followed or violated.