Ky Safe Driver

Kentucky Safe Driver is  a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established by the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation which seeks to reduce motor vehicle crashes and their resulting injuries and fatalities by promoting safe driving practices through education and public awareness. 



GDL Program

Alive at 25 – KENTUCKY’S GRADUATED DRIVER’S LICENSE PROGRAM (GDL).  This four-hour defensive driver course is designed for drivers in the 16-24 year old age group.

DDC 4 Classroom Icon 2

DDC 4 Classroom

DDC 4 course is a four-hour defensive driver program designed for all drivers of all ages who have been mandated by the courts or who wish to refresh and improve driving skills
COST $55.00


DDC Online

DDC ONLINE is a four-hour online course based on the same content used in the National Safety Council instructor-led Defensive Driving Course – the most widely used driver safety program in the world.
COST $59.00

DDC Motorcycle

DDC Online

DDC MOTORCYCLE SAFETY PROGRAM is a two-hour online course which combines top-quality content with state-of-the-art internet technology or a learning experience that is interactive, motivational and educational. 
COST $39.00

KY Safe Driver is Sponsored By:

Kentucky Safe Driver classroom programs utilize multi-agency law enforcement teams of current and retired state, county and city police officers who are committed professional dedicated to saving lives of all driver through education.

As law enforcement professionals, KSD instructors bring unique perspectives and experience that affords their participant the greatest of opportunities for learning and understanding. Knowing what it’s like to tell someone that their loved one has been killed or seriously injured in a car crash or able to express their sincere desire for drivers to better understand and avoid the life changing emotional, criminal, and civil consequences to poor decision making, lends itself to the success of our courses.

Teen driver safety is not just a parental or law enforcement responsibility, it’s a community and nationwide responsibility. Engaging all sectors of the community in helping to address teen driver safety is essential not just for teens but for everyone on the road.

The loss of any life in a traffic collision is tragic, but the death of a young driver is specially distressing.

Although we see and hear about many of the risks teens encounter every day, one of the greatest dangers they face is being killed in a motor vehicle collision. In fact, motor vehicle collisions continue to be the leading cause of death among our teens.


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